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Arboricultural Method Statements in accordance with BS5837:2012 (AMS)

Following the grant of permission, the Local Authority will likely apply a planning condition requiring the submission of an Arboricultural Method Statement. Venners Arboriculture can prepare a statement to release the planning condition which will provide assurance to the Local Authority that the Contractors will adopt a precautionary approach towards tree protection. The statement will give comprehensive detail about the methods of protection to be adopted and might typically address issues such as demolition of existing structures and removal of existing hard standing; installation of tree protection fencing and temporary ground protection; excavations and the requirement for specialised trenchless techniques for the installation of service corridors through root protection areas and specialised foundations to be used close to trees. This document will also include a provision for arboricultural site monitoring and supervision of specific site operations.

Click the link below to view an example of a Tree Protection Plan.