• Chartered Arboriculturists
  • Forestry and Urban Tree Management

Identification of pests and diseases and assessment of the implications

Ensuring the health of our tree stock and identifying when they are being attacked by a pathogen is now more important than ever as many common pests and diseases are now weakening our tree stock and resulting in wide scale decline of some of our most common species.

If decay and deadwood is obvious, Venners Arboriculture can arrange for the extent of decay to be analysed using either a Picus Sonic Tomograph which is a non-invasive tool for assessing decay or a Resistograph F300E microdrill which works in a similar manner to a normal drill.

In addition to the physical testing, Venners Arboriculture can collect samples of diseased tissue and send them off for laboratory analysis, the results of which will provide you with a full diagnosis and enable management recommendations to be given in order to halt the decline or manage the spread of the disease.

Finally, on site sampling using pocket diagnosis testing equipment can also be used to give you a swift explanation of what is causing the demise of the tree.

Click here for further information on the Government’s Agency for Tree Health.