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Safety and Management advice

Trees are dynamic structures that are constantly evolving in response to environmental, weather or site specific conditions. They can be damaged by storms or become infected by disease and airborne decay organisms at any time and many stakeholders such as Insurers, Banks or structural Engineers require detailed reports about trees that are generally within falling distance of your property and within regularly used areas of the site.

Under the Occupiers Liability Acts (1957 & 1984), owners of trees have a duty of care to ensure that they have taken reasonable steps to prevent or minimize the risk of personal injury or damage to property arising from the presence of any trees. By commissioning a tree condition report by Venners Arboriculture, you can be sure that you have exercised your duty of care and you can rest assured that once any recommendations for management are undertaken, you will have done your utmost to ensure that your tree stock is safe and healthy. We will visit and survey your trees and produce a report that will provide you with information relating to the condition of your trees.

The National Tree Safety Group and the Health and Safety Executive have both researched and published guidance about tree risk managment.  For further information please visit their websites:

National Tree Safety Group

Health and Safety Executive